Import a motorhome from Sweden

Do you want to import a motorhome from Sweden? Then you have found the right one! At Vincents Husbil & Husvagn in Varberg & Kalmar-Ålem you will find a large selection of used motorhomes for sale. Every year, we help many people import a used leisure vehicle to various countries in the EU such as Germany, Holland and Denmark. We have over 20 years of experience in the import and export of recreational vehicles to EU countries. With us, you who want to import a motorhome can feel safe and secure!

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We help you import a motorhome to your EU country!

At Vincent's Motorhome & Caravan we aim to simplify the process of importing used motorhomes - and thanks to our smart website and extensive experience, that process couldn't be easier.

On our website you can search from a large selection of used motorhomes in stock according to your needs and wishes; regardless of whether you want a motorhome that weighs under 3,500 kg, a little extra space for a large family, a small sheet ice or just want to hit the road in style, you will find exactly what you are looking for with us!

Our collection of RV videos and articles are also available to help you find the right one. From how an RV works to tips on what to consider when choosing a used RV, you'll find all the tools you need to research your RV purchase in one place. 

To simplify for those interested in buying a mobile home, we offer smart solutions such as online viewing with sellers, over 800 videos on how different mobile home models work, and smart financing solutions together with Wasa Kredit. Buying a used RV has never been easier!

At Vincent's Motorhome & Caravan in Varberg and Kalmar we offer a large number of used motorhomes for sale. Regardless of whether you want a larger one for the whole family or a small tin camper, we have something for everyone! 

With over 20 years of experience in the export and import of used motorhomes, we are the partner for you who want to import a motorhome from Sweden. 

It is easy to import a motorhome from Sweden

We at Vincent's think it should be easy to import a mobile home. In mediation assignments, we are the link between buyers and sellers. With great competence and long experience, we always ensure that mobile homes bought from us maintain the quality that a used mobile home deserves.

Welcome to us!

Motorhomes in stock

At Vincent's Motorhome and Caravan in Varberg and Kalmar you will always find a large selection of used motorhomes for sale. From our facilities in Varberg and Kalmar, we make over a thousand motorhome lovers happy every year, and it shows in the reviews that customers give us. With us, you who want to buy a mobile home will always find one that suits you and your needs.

Quality-assured used motorhomes

At Vincent's have we only have used motorhomes for sale. We are the neutral link between buyers and sellers. As we are not a dealer for any specific motorhome brand, we can therefore be completely neutral in our sales towards the customer.

All used motorhomes that we sell go through thorough quality checks so that you as a customer will get a used motorhome that maintains the quality you deserve. In Vincent's product declaration, all vehicles are tested on over 150 points, including moisture and gas controls.

This is how you find a Swedish motorhome that is right for you

1. What type of motorhome do you want?

There are over 100 used motorhomes for sale at Vincents, but narrowing your search makes it easier to find the right one. Make a list of the features that are most important to you - number of seats, vehicle weight or whether it's an automatic or manual gearbox - and we'll simply help you filter down until you find the right motorhome for you. To gain a deeper understanding of which type of motorhome is right for you, we recommend that you read our article Motorhome or caravan: Which is best for you?

2. How heavy a vehicle are you allowed to drive?

Unfortunately, it's not just about finding a motorhome that you like and then start rolling along the roads. If you have a B license, you can drive a motorhome with a maximum total weight of 3,500 kilos - but there are many exceptions! If you want to know more about which driving license rules apply, we recommend that you read what applies in your EU country, as deviations may occur.

3. What is the goal of the motor home?

Ask yourself the question: What do I want to use my motorhome for? Depending on what you want to use the vehicle for, it can help you find the right one. Are you looking for a vehicle that is easy to maneuver? Then a smaller mobile home under 3,500 kg might be something for you. Are you adventurous and like to move quickly and smoothly? Then a sheet of ice can be a good idea. Are you looking for comfort? Then it is a fully or semi-integrated mobile home that you are looking for.

4. How many are you?

It is important that you know how many of you will be using the motorhome. Search for how many sleeping places and belted driving places are available and find the motorhome that suits you. Do you have children? Then we recommend a car with a nursery!

5. Contact us

If you have any questions or need further assistance, our talented salespeople are on hand. You can contact us via phone and email - or simply come in and say hello!

Frequently asked questions about buying a used motorhome

  • How big a motorhome can you drive with a B driver's license?

With a B driver's license, you can drive a motorhome with a maximum total weight of 3,500 kg.

  • How much does it cost to own a motorhome?

Based on a five-year interval, the annual cost of owning a mobile home is calculated at SEK 121,466 according to Caravan and Camping's calculation example.

  • What is a semi-integrated motorhome?

A semi-integrated motorhome means that the driver's cabin is built by a car manufacturer and the living area is built afterwards by the motorhome manufacturer.

  • What is a fully integrated motorhome?

A fully integrated mobile home means that the living part and the car part are built integrated in one and the same piece.

  • How much does a used motor home cost?

The average price of a used motorhome is around SEK 750,000. The price depends a lot on the type, brand and model of the motorhome.

  • Which motorhome is the most affordable?

A popular option among our customers is motorhomes from Adria.


  • How much does a mobile home cost in tax

On cars that are three years old or older, the tax costs approximately SEK 6,000 - SEK 9,000 annually.
On cars newer than three years, the tax costs between SEK 15,000 - SEK 30,000 according to Bonus Malus. After three years, the tax is reduced.

  • How much does insurance cost for a motorhome?

Insurance for a mobile home costs approximately SEK 6,000 - SEK 9,000 depending on the insurance company.

  • When is the best time of year to buy a motorhome?

In the spring it is best to buy a mobile home as you can then get it ready for the summer holidays. It is usually during this time that most people want to sell their motorhome, which leads to more options on the market.